When clouds sit low upon the land,
When earth and sky are wet with rain,
The titter tatter on the roof,
The pitter patter on the pane.

I like it cold and wet beyond
For all the reason more
That after whetted by days of sun
I’ve covered hours to look ‘fore.

When all is dark and bleak outside
And all is warm and bright within,
I thank the rain for time upon
Your breast to lay my weary chin.

By city, sea or mountain pass
I like to lay my head beside,
On floor of straw or fine mattress,
And fly with you – our dreams untied.

With you my dreams forever soar
And neither place I wish to leave,
For hard or soft, on bed or floor,
I find my bliss and wish to keep.

What easy joy the rain does bring
To those already swelled with love
To steam away the wet we keep
The fire burning in our heart.