Our Road

The road forgives
Our use and wear,
She grips us tight
When death we dare.

She listens closely
To our wail,
She bears with patience
Our angry stare.

When we are lost
She helps us find the way,
She may be tough
But with her we will stay.

Though sometimes barely there,
And often filled with ruts,
We seek her still,
And take the wisdom of her bumps.

When on her,
The going may be slow,
But when she’s gone,
There’s no where left for us to go.

And if we sit
Too long in place,
We lose our selves
And are like holes in time and space

So always forward we will ride,
And throw the throttle back a nigh.
And let the wind make clear our head,
And let the road our suff’ring mend.

-Dedicated to D.H and J.L of Seattle