Where ancient warriors come to cleanse
Beneath the stars and trees and sands.
In burning caves to show the doors,
With vapor’s keys to unlock souls.

The songs are ever present here,
Of all the lives who’ve come and went.
To blow away the dirt and fear
They came to mountains by nature’s scent.

And then away by foolish roads –
Of trust and dreams of great white hoards,
They fluttered into shadows resting,
And live there now, forever nesting.

What light, of moon or sun does shine,
Upon the soil where heads are lain,
Is all the same as yours and mine,
But we seek shadows all in vain.

The truth of dust and ashes hidden,
By fertile canopies it’s smitten.
What justice let it disappear,
Is now the same which will not let us near.

In the shadow of the mountain
I now seek that ancient howl,
Of the warriors long forgotten,
I’m here to ask, and be rid of my own foul.